Healthy Gums and Heart Disease

Why Healthy Gums Lead to a Happy Heart

Did you know that healthy gums correspond to your overall health? After many discussions that have transpired in the medical field, there is now evidence that healthy gums have a direct correlation to a person’s general health, especially their heart. Ever since we were taught about oral health as children, we have been told about […]

Affordable Dentures Lancaster PA Dentist

Are All Affordable Dentures and Dental Implants Created Equal?

When it comes to affordable dentures and dental implants, it’s very important you should never take the cheap way out. A dentist in Ephrata, PA, Dr. David Schlosser, digs deep into the importance of investing in quality dentures to get the absolute best-looking results and most comfortable fit. “I’ve seen lots of advertisements for “affordable” […]

Effects of Drinking Coffee

How Does Coffee Affect Your Teeth?

Many people have to have that morning cup of coffee to get their brain jump-started, but is coffee harmful to your teeth? Is your morning pick-me-up damaging your dental health, leaving you with coffee-stained teeth? Or does coffee actually have the potential for improving the quality of your teeth? Dr. Schlosser of Dental Care of […]

Experiencing tooth pain? That's a sign you need to call the dentist.

7 Signs You Need to Call Your Dentist

Brushing twice a day and flossing after meals is standard practice for most and necessary for good dental hygiene, but regular dental visits are also a must. Unfortunately, due to hectic family life, busy work schedules, and a host of other reasons, most adults put off visiting the dentist until serious problems arise. When put […]