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Are All Affordable Dentures and Dental Implants Created Equal?

When it comes to affordable dentures and dental implants, it’s very important you should never take the cheap way out. A dentist in Ephrata, PA, Dr. David Schlosser, digs deep into the importance of investing in quality dentures to get the absolute best-looking results and most comfortable fit.

Affordable Dentures Lancaster PA Dentist

“I’ve seen lots of advertisements for “affordable” dentures, as I’m sure you have as well. What does “affordable” mean? You might think these places are doing the same thing that I am at a lower price. The quick answer is a big NO!”, Dr. Schlosser explains.

Here are just a few of the differences between custom-made dentures versus bargain basement dentures for those looking for dentures and dental implants.

1. Custom Dentures – Every Mouth is Different

Creating custom dentures takes time. Your dentist needs the proper number of visits to create totally custom, well-fitting and natural looking dentures. No dental school teaches to make a denture in one day. If a discount denture shop suggests to a patient it’s a good idea to make a denture in a day, it’s almost a guarantee the outcome will be poor, due to the need for customization, or the lack thereof.

Quality dentures require accurate impressions. They need to be tested out and approved by the patient before they are finished. Only the most qualified and natural teeth should be used, and the longest lasting denture base material should be used. I’ll bet you weren’t aware of the many imposter inferior materials there are available. Cutting corners and using inferior materials will make the final result worse. Going the correct route results in minimal adjustments, a better fitting, more natural looking denture, and a happier patient!

2. Dentures and Dental Implants Materials for a Natural Look

Affordable Natural-Looking Dentures Ephrata PACrafting quality dentures requires the very best materials from start to finish. An experienced dentist will use expert dental lab technicians to help make quality dentures. The best denture and dental implant materials, an experienced dentist, and a great technician make a huge difference between a denture that looks natural versus one that looks fake.

When dentures are made by a quality lab, using quality materials, the difference in fit is also enhanced and their life-time extended.

Dr. Schlosser says, “I’ve seen all too many poor-quality dentures broken after just a few months. I just can’t justify using cheap materials”.

3. Professional Denture and Dental Impant Application

Quality dentures are backed by quality service. Getting professional denture application means if there are adjustments necessary during the first year, you will not be charged extra. Most discount denture centers charge for each adjustment quickly jacks up the price. This is very alarming, especially for dental implant application, which is far more permanent than dentures. Many patients are forced to choose not to have the necessary adjustments to their discount dentures because of the cost and put their dentures in a drawer. This will most likely occur pretty frequently due to the fact that they were not created specifically for your mouth.

4. Denture Maintenance

Denture treatment is not the end of the road. You will need regular denture maintenance including relines from time to time, as well as yearly exams to check for changes in the tissues of the mouth including oral cancer screening.

Dentist in Ephrata Providing Dentures and Dental Implants

At Dental Care of Ephrata, when you invest in a set of customized dentures, we will be your continuing resource for any maintenance related to your dentures. You are not just a number but instead a part of our family.

If you are interested in quality customized dentures, call our office and make an appointment today!